God Save The Queen… with Gin


The British just threw the world market into a tailspin. But that’s none of my business….

Bloody idiots. If things weren’t bad enough with terrorism, global warming, and whatever the fuck is going on with Taylor Swift’s hair, now the UK populace voted to leave the European Union. Their prime minister up and quit, stock market is tanking, and we are one Chinese recession away from never affording to eat another free range soyrizo omelet ever again. That may be overstating it. Probably not, but just go back to Snapchatting about Game of Thrones and don’t ask your parents about their retirement portfolios. If you’re reading this, God knows you don’t own anything yourself.

I wish I could talk about British wine. But ha. (French wine is basically what it is because of rich British bastards not being able to make anything good on their own and gobbling up all the Bordeaux.) And I think I’ll save the scotch post for when Scotland inevitably marches out on the UK like the Fresh Prince’s dad did on him in that one horrifying episode. So lets talk the hard stuff again. Because geez, I need a drink.

Gin is the quintessential British liquor. While it first came to be as a botanical medicine most likely from Holland, it reached a fever pitch in England in the 18th century. The dominant flavor is juniper berry, but can contain several other plant based ingredients contributing to its forest floor funk. I didn’t much care for it in my vodka/cranberry days, but like vegetables and monogamy, it grows on you with age.

However, this cocktail balances some of that herbal overload. Its combined with cold Earl Gray tea, another Limey staple, and will provide enough caffeine to get you through hour 7 of CNN’s coverage on the end of the financial world. It also calls for honey simply syrup, which can easily be made dissolving equal parts of honey in hot water, but traditional simple syrup would work as well.

London Calling.... Their Stockbrokers


  • 6 oz. chilled Earl Gray tea
  • Shot of Gin (Hendricks is my jam)
  • Equal Part Honey Simple Syrup
  • Squeeze of Lemon


  1. Shake all ingredients with ice
  2. Strain over ice
  3. Garnish with the regret of millions... or maybe a sprig of lavender
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Now, excuse me as I get buzzed up listening to Abbey Road while trying to buy gold on the internet.

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