I am Jennifer. I love wine. And food. And beer. And tequila. And watching old episodes of Behind the Music on YouTube.

I’m a sommelier which is also known as a lush with a penchant for flash cards. In the past, I’ve worked as wine director and beverage buyer for some of the best restaurants and hotels in San Diego. Yeah, we are more than just fish tacos and the zoo. Did you know Jewel lived in her car here at one time??

Nowadays, I balance my time between keeping two small children alive, keeping my husband fed, and keeping it tight. But I still love to tell people what they should drink. Mostly because I spent a lot of money earning the official title to do so. And no one in my family listens to anything I say either.

This blog is wine education without the pretense. Wine and spirits doesn’t have to be an intimidating topic. This isn’t neuroscience, y’all. Humans have been doing it since peak Mesopotamia. Not much is different in 2018. We’re all still trying to catch a buzz in Birkenstocks, surrounded by unvaccinated children.

So if you want to know a little more about wine and other alcoholic beverages while tolerating an occasional Paula Abdul reference, I’m forever your girl.